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Samy’s Camera’s Aerial Drone Team At The AMA Expo 2016

AMA Expo

Drone and quadcopter enthusiasts throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area knew that the AMA Expo in Ontario, California was the place to be this past weekend. Samy’s Camera’s Aerial Drone team came out to offer special deals and spend a weekend of fun with the drone community. Ama Expo

Billy, Harold, Terry and the rest of the drone team brought a variety of drones and quadcopters of all sorts of sizes and price ranges to their AMA Expo booth. Everything from miniature quads that fit in the palm of your hand to the powerful ‘beasts’ of the drone world.

Those attending the event were able to get close up looks at products including the extremely popular Phantom 3 Quadcopters. Perfect for those who may have only seen a particular model in a YouTube video or online but need the chance to actually see it for themselves before making a decision.

ama expoOf course, the real fun of having any quadcopter or drone is in the flying. Billy and the rest of the Samy’s Camera drone team love that part too and were always more than happy to show the AMA Expo crowd a live demonstration of what a drone or quadcopter flying.

The great thing about events like the AMA Expo is that even the experts like the Samy’s Camera Aerial Drone Team get the chance to see and experience new products and innovations related to the craft.  ama expo

This new Hoodman Landing Pad for Drones is a great example. Lou was kind enough to give our team a close up look and it was obvious just how much fun it is to use.

All in all, the expo was a great success! Keep an eye out on Samy’s Camera social media for news of where our drone team will be making their next landing!

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