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Adjusting Aperture For Fantastic Fireworks Photos

Fireworks Photos

Photographing fireworks can be a bit tricky because we’re working in the dark. However, with some knowledge you can be taking fantastic fireworks photos. Perhaps most important is learning to adjust aperture when attempting to photograph fireworks.

Common understanding is that the aperture setting should be set more open to accommodate the darkness when trying to take good fireworks photos but actually the night sky is simply the background. 

It is, in fact, the bursts of bright light we wish to capture when photographing fireworks. So, stopping down the aperture is a better solution for this situation. Setting your camera to f/8, f/11 or possibly f/16 may give better results. 

You may also wish to bracket your shots to evaluate which settings work best in these specific lighting conditions.

Following this simple tip will put you on the path to capturing the best fireworks photos on Independence Day or any other day of the year.

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