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Back to School Throwback: Vintage Classroom Photography

Who else was super excited as summer came to a close and back to school shopping season (finally) arrived?

Back to school time means a new year, new clothes, new gear, and So. Much. SHOPPING.

That search for the perfect backpack was serious business. And of course, that means coordinating everything from pens, to notebooks, to folders was also a must. However, back to school time also meant that one would be reunited with close friends, gain new experiences, take on new educational challenges, and be one year close to graduation.

Throughout the decades, back to school time has come and gone. Thankfully, photographers, both professional and amateur, captured how classroom have changed.

Check out these classroom photograph throwbacks:

1920 Classroom | Credit:

Beverly Hills High School, 1936 | Credit: Alfred Eisenstaedt


1960’s Classroom | Credit: LIFE


1970’s Physics class | Source:

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