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The Brownie: The First Camera of Photography Icons

F amous photographers were once, dare I say, amateurs. Whether their kit was gifted or purchased with their own hard earned money, their time was spent studying and experimenting with light, subjects, and developing their...
Rain Photo

6 Vintage Photos Of People Coping With Rain Better Than LA

Los Angeles and rain aren't the best of friends. Light showers can threaten chaos on the roads. When the really big Los Angeles rain storms hit - such as the much threatened El Nino...
vintage baseball photo

Classic Baseball Photos from the Archives

What better excuse to explore some classic baseball photos than the start of the Fall Classic? As the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals take to the field for the 2015 World Series,...
classic woman photo

6 Great Vintage Women’s History Photos You Probably Haven’t Seen

From masters of high fashion to documentarians, photographers have always found women to be fascinating subjects. Steve McCurry's Afghan Girl and Dorthea Lange'sMigrant Mother are examples of photographers engaging with female subjects so skillfully that a single...