Anthony Friedkin Corner

Road To Freedom Exhibition

Road to Freedom Exhibition Review

I find it unfathomable that human beings could treat each other so horrendously, based simply on the color of one's skin. To me it sounds like a bad science fiction novel. But as time...
Grant Mudford

Grant Mudford Interview

Grant Mudford is considered one of the most skillful and extraordinary photographers alive today. He is regarded as one of the finest architectural photographers to have ever worked in the field. Among his numerous...
Robert Frank The Americans

Robert Frank’s The Americans Review

A powerful photograph can change our lives and help us better realize who we are and the world we live in. By defining and immortalizing a moment so indelibly and with great skill the...
Anthony Friedkin

Introduction to Samy’s Newsletter

Welcome to Samy's newsletter. My name is Anthony Friedkin and I will be hosting this special venture. Los Angeles is one of the most important and vibrant centers for photography in the world. We have...
Douglas Kirkland

Interview with Douglas Kirkland by Anthony Friedkin

Douglas Kirkland is one of the most respected and celebrated photographers of the last fifty years. His career and the people he has photographed are legendary. At age twenty-four, Kirkland was hired as a...