Professional Photographer Profiles

Jimi Hendrix

In Memory of Jim Marshall

It is difficult to write about a friend who has recently passed on. That is especially true if the friend happened to have been an extraordinary photographer; one of the greatest ever. He is...
Jeff Dunas

Interview with Jeff Dunas

I'm sitting with Jeff Dunas at his lovely home and photo studio, located above the Sunset strip in Hollywood., California. I'm here to Interview Jeff about the upcoming Photo Festival in Palm Springs. Jeff...
Stephen Cohen

Interview with Stephen Cohen

Q. First, I would like to congratulate you on the fact your going into your nineteenth year with PHOTO LA-2010. That's a huge accomplishment; almost two decades now. What do you think is the...
Grant Mudford

Grant Mudford Interview

Grant Mudford is considered one of the most skillful and extraordinary photographers alive today. He is regarded as one of the finest architectural photographers to have ever worked in the field. Among his numerous...
Douglas Kirkland

Interview with Douglas Kirkland by Anthony Friedkin

Douglas Kirkland is one of the most respected and celebrated photographers of the last fifty years. His career and the people he has photographed are legendary. At age twenty-four, Kirkland was hired as a...