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arms and clamps

Beneath the Surface Arms and Clamps

There are really only a few things I want out of my underwater arms and clamp system. I need them to be easily adjustable underwater. I want them to hold my heavy strobes in...
Shooting Fast Action Underwater

5 Tips for Shooting Fast Action Underwater Photography

There's nothing quite like capturing that perfect moment when shooting fast action underwater photography. Whether it's a sea lion or billfish swimming by at break neck speed or just a small jawfish poking its...
Processing Underwater Photos

5 Easy Steps for Processing Your Underwater Photos

You've just returned home after an amazing trip abroad (or from your favorite local beach dive), and you've created some "keepers." Awesome! For many of us underwater photographers, we can't wait to share, publish,...
Super Macro

Super Macro: Beyond Small

What is super macro? Most macro lenses like the Canon 100mm or Nikon 105mm have the ability to magnify a subject to life size or 1:1. In other words, those lenses will allow you to fill the frame...
Green Turtle

The Big Picture: Fisheye Lenses For Underwater

The main ingredient when it comes to shooting sharp, colorful images underwater is to reduce as much of the water between the camera and the subject. This means getting as close as possible, sometimes...
Nauticam NA-BMCC Housing

Nauticam NA-BMCC Housing

The Blackmagic Cinema and Production 4K cameras are currently the most affordable cinema cameras capable of capturing 2.5K and 4K Ultra HD raw video. The system is one fourth the size of competing professional video rigs and...

The Sunball: Friend or Foe?

The sun giveth and the sun taketh away. Fast shutter speed, a stopped-down aperture, and the winter sun low in the sky helped the sunball be an accent as opposed to a distraction. Nikon...
Underwater Camera Dome

The Right Dome Port – Size Matters

Was the shot bellow taken with a macro lens or a wide-angle lens? If you said wide-angle, you are correct. My goal for this particular trip was to fill the frame with a Melibe leonina nudibranch, while...