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Dad-tography: Fathers Behind the Lens

Family photos were once a collection of candid polaroids and prints preserved in various photo albums. From baby’s first steps, family picnics, birthdays, and graduations, parents are eager to capture every moment. Today, these memories are cherished and preserved in Google Drive and displayed on digital albums; not to mention, parents are getting very creative.

Thanks to the internet and social media, parents are breaking out the fancy DSLR’s and tweaking those photoshop skills in order to create shots that go viral. For Father’s Day, we wanted to feature a number of photographs, from the simple and candid to shots that took the whole family to pull off, captured by dads.

Those candid moments.

Campground swinging, 2000 | Photograph by Ed Kashi

Credit: @j.b.photographyri via Instagram


Credit: Jason Lee

Credit: Dave Engledow

Credit: John Wilhelm

Bringing storybooks to life.

You are NOT READY for how epic these photos are. If this doesn’t inspire you to step up the family photo album, nothing will.

Credit: Josh Rossi

Like I said, you’re not ready.

Credit: Jason Lee.

Credit: Josh Rossi

Credit: John Wilhelm

Credit: Josh Rossi

Happy Father’s Day!

Credit: Jason Lee.

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