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Fall Head Over Heels for these Six Spring Wedding Photography Trends

So long to rainy days and chilly nights; hello, springtime!

Well, almost.

March 20th marks the first day of clear skies and blooming flowers. It’s also the time that the wedding season starts gearing up and wedding photographer hiatuses are coming to an end.

For those working in the off-season, I’m sure all those flower crowns kissed with snow, faux fur, and rainy day elopements were lovely. However, a change of the seasons is, by now, welcome. Just as style trends change from season to season, the same goes for photography trends. And, thank goodness. Thanks to modern couples taking non-traditional photographic leaps, professional photographers are happy to accommodate through the following:

  • experimentation, and
  • by keeping tabs on the latest have-to-get shots (I mean, there’s only so many staged group shots you can take).

Here are six spring wedding photography trends you’re bound to fall head over heels for.

Boho Bridal Portraits

Credit: Antonova Kseniya

Seasonal Lay Flats

Credit: Chelle Wootten Photography

Flower Petal Confetti Shots

Credit: Colin Cowie Celebrations

Green & Pastels in the City

Credit: Cristina G Photography

Wide Open Spaces

Credit: Jenna Bechtholt

Casual Pre-Wedding Candids

Credit: Alexandria Monette Photography

So, you have your lovely spring memories captured in digital form. But, what if you need prints to frame, enlargements, printed copies to send to relatives? Head over and check out our Service Bureau & Samy’s Prints to Go services.

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