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Fashion Week at Samy’s Photo Camp

Photo Fashion Camp

Each week in our Beginners classes, students explore a different field of photography, with an accompanying Word-of-Day. Samy's Camera Photo Camp On Fashion Photography day, that word is Lighting.

First, students discuss what Fashion Photography is all about (style, advertising, and sales $$), and how it differs from Portrait Photography. We learn new terms – Model, Pose, Prop, Backdrop, Studio, Make-Up Artist, etc. Samy's Photo CampMagazines photo spreads inspire fun discussion, while photos of studio set-ups familiarize students with the equipment, process, and crew positions.

This leads into our lesson on Lighting.
Students learn to distinguish Natural vs. Artificial Light, Continuous vs. Strobes, and to see where the light came from.

Then it’s time to head outdoors for our fashion photo shoot! In addition to photographer, students take turns playing the roles of Model, Reflector Holder, and Art Director.

Samy's Photo Camp

Dress up is always fun, at any age. Giggles abound.

Samy's Photo Camp

We had so many great photos from Samy’s Camera Photo Camp’s Fashion Week that we couldn’t resist putting more up to share in the gallery that follows:

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Deborah Cloyed is the creator/director of the after school program Samy’s Camera Photo Camp and Samy’s Outreach – serving community members in need. In addition to her work with Samy's Camera, Deborah has fifteen years experience as a commercial photographer, author, and instructor - in Los Angeles, DC, NYC, Kenya, and Honduras.

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