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Food Photographer Ariel Ip on the Sony A7R II: It “Blew My Mind”

When you think of professional camera gear, Canon and Nikon will always be the first and second brands to choose from. I am a Canon user for over ten years. I started my photography career with a small EOS Rebel SLR body; and, until now, I own a 5D Mark IV, a Mark III and a 6D with a great selection of Canon prime lenses. As a food photographer, I am always happy with my Canon’s performance and functions. Having said that, I came to this Sony Alpha crossover with Samy’s Camera Experience event wondering what else Sony can provide.

At the event, we were going to some of the most creative, delicious and fun spots in LA. First, we had lunch at Café Gratitude.

Credit: Ariel Ip

After lunch, we took some shots in Art District Downtown LA; and, then we went to Hedley & Bennett to have a private tour of their colorful apron factory where we enjoyed some beautifully staged afternoon snakes like donuts, cupcakes, and coffee.

Credit: Ariel Ip

Credit: Ariel Ip

Last but not least, we tried some crafted cocktails and gourmet bites at LP Rooftop Bar for dinner. I was so grateful for the opportunity; each of us got to choose 3 lenses and a Sony body to test out for the entire day.

Credit: Ariel Ip

As a foodie, I’ve had no complaints. The food was great and the activities were so much fun. But most importantly, the Sony A7R II blew my mind. I was surprised with the confidence Sony had in their product. They invited me and all the other photographers knowing that we did not regularly shoot on Sony. I bought my regular Canon with me, but I didn’t touch it once after I get my hands on the Sony. The differences were obvious, because of the full frame mirrorless-ness A7R II was extremely light weight when compared to other cameras. With their electronic viewfinder, the images will no longer over or under expose without notice; not to mention the 4K video record, 5-axis image stabilization, built-in-in wifi – you name it.

After shooting on the Sony body the entire day, I was addicted to the clear, vibrant, and super high-resolution image this body produced. I was also amazed by the creativity and thoughtfulness behind the technology. Although I will not switch up all the Canon gears that I currently own, I am sure that I will purchase a Sony body to get inspired by it. The A7R II body really let me see what the others don’t see.

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Ariel ip is a foodie and a food photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA with a passion for creating delicious images and eat around the world.

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