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LinkedIn Photo Tips

LinkedIn Photo Tips

According to recent research conducted by business networking site LinkedIn, accounts that include a profile photo are seven times more likely to be viewed than those without one. If you don’t have a photo yet to accompany your profile, here are a few LinkedIn photo tips to help you make sure you put your best face forward:

Dress Professionally: Keep your dress simple, clean and attractive. If possible, keep patterns to a minimum in a headshot – solid colors and, for women, simple jewelry, will keep the focus on you rather than your clothing. Your apparel should complement you rather than overpower, so keep that in mind when dressing for the photo.

Appear Approachable: This photograph will be a first impression for many viewing your profile, so lead with a pleasant expression. You don’t need a Cheshire cat smile but a small one and an approachable manner come through clearly in your profile photo.

Consider a Professional: This is one instance where a professional photo bodes well for your business efforts. While a candid shot of you on the beach is fine for your Facebook profile, LinkedIn requires a different approach. A professional headshot will come in handy on numerous occasions, particularly if your business goals include garnering new business, starting a blog, speaking at a conference or publishing an article in an industry magazine or website. Consider your future goals as well as your present ones as a professional headshot may be necessary to help you stand apart from the crowd.

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