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Review: The Phototools Table Top Photo Kit

I have to admit that after reviewing many of the products from Phototools which is exclusive to Samy’s, I am amazed at the thought of detail and the build of the various photographic products available. If you are selling small to medium size items on eBay or need something to light your art pieces or jewelry, the Phototools Table Top Photo Kit is one of the most affordable and efficient solutions.

Meet Tawnya Warren, Jewelry artist and owner of ZOE Jewelry.


Credit: Ralph Elliott Starkweather

Who better than Tawnya to show how quick and easy it is to use this to shoot her jewelry with her DSLR or her compact camera which even has a very specialized stand with an adjustable column for any angle and distance she will want to use.

In less than 5 minutes, Tawnya had the collapsible light box with translucent white fabric set up and ready to go. On the back were the storage pouches for the lights and all the accessories great for storage after use.


Credit: Ralph Elliott Starkweather

She even has a choice of white or black as a background.


Credit: Ralph Elliott Starkweather

What is amazing as well is the lights have their own built in legs so everything stays together and one does not have to search for loose pieces or accessories. As you can see in the photograph she is using her DSLR to capture one of her creations…the diamond ring.


Look around and see if you can find something as complete as this and as well built as this and at this affordable price.

The Phototools Table Top Photo Kit contains everything you need to professionally photograph small items from the comfort of your own home or studio.


Credit: Ralph Elliott Starkweather

Included in this Table Top kit are:

  • A standard quarter-inch thread (1/4-20) is included to secure your DSLR or point & shoot camera to the tripod.
  • The Solid Color Backgrounds include a black and white background/backdrop, perfect for product photography.
  • In addition, the Black and White Velvet Jewelry Pillows are great for shooting watches, bracelets etc.
  • The White Jewelry Board is a large, highly-reflective board great for dark colored objects, the removable, non-reflective black velvet cover is included for shooting lighter colored objects.

Purchase the Phototools Table Top Ligh Kit here.

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