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6 Vintage Photos Of People Coping With Rain Better Than LA

Rain Photo

Los Angeles and rain aren’t the best of friends. Light showers can threaten chaos on the roads. When the really big Los Angeles rain storms hit – such as the much threatened El Nino rains – all bets are off! As our coping mechanism, we have put together a collection of vintage rain photos. If nothing else, to remind ourselves that someone somewhere is coping with the rain much better than us!

What Are The Odds?

Vintage Rain Photo

Marooned in the bookmaker’s ring at Albion Park after a storm, Brisbane, January 1941. State Library of Queensland archives

This collection of racetrack bookmakers didn’t bet on getting stuck in the storm but when it happened they sure took a great rain photo. They were working at Albion Park in Brisbane, Australia on a Saturday in January of 1941.  A powerful storm passed over their area and by the time the rain ended, they were all stranded by flooding.  Luckily (or perhaps not) for some of their customers, the track did manage to run three races before the rain began.

Stylin’ In The Rain

Vintage Rain Photo

Ave A + E. 7 st., 1967, James Jowers photographer, George Eastman House Collection

Being caught in the rain doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable, right? This rain photo from 1967,taken by James Jower at Avenue A and East 7th Street in New York City, is proof. It may be pouring down with rain but this New York lady is going to look good. Note the matching of her bag to her umbrella. Class.

Break Time

Classic Rain Photo

Flooded Street, Jefferson City, Missouri, 1993, Missouri State Archives

Staying true to the business’s name, the staff at Break Time gas station in Jefferson City, Missouri, knew that sometimes you have to find that silver lining in those rain clouds. When they were hit with the flood of 1993, they put up the ‘Closed Gone Fishin’ sign. Hopefully, the couple hitting the floodwaters in their boat weren’t expecting to fill up.

Flooded Down Under

Rain Photo

Maitland flood, 21 June 1950, Library of New South Wales

This vintage photo is of a flood that hit Maitland, Australia in June of 1950. Clearly devistating for this family’s land. However, if isn’t stopping the local kids – boots or barefooted – from wading by to check on their neighbors.

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Rain Photo

Four year old Pamela Mock wading toward her house – Tallahassee, Florida Memories Archive

This rain photo may very well be from 1959 and from Florida but it does a great job of portraying how many of us feel inside when there is rain in Los Angeles. Four year old, Pamela Mock has wading towards her dry home through the flood waters. All the while, trying to shut the rain out by covering up as much of her head as she can.

Got You Covered

Classic Nixon Photo

Nixon and Paine at Apollo 12 Launch, 1969, NASA Archive

While all around them are drenched from the rain, President Richard Nixon, his wife Pat and daughter Tricia are kept dry as a bone.  The photo was taken on November 14,1969 at the Apollo 12 launch. The gentleman holding the umbrella over the First Lady is NASA Administrator Thomas Paine.

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