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Seven Things That Scare the Heck Out of Photographers

Happy Halloween everyone!

Traditionally, when people think of things that go bump in the night, vampires, the boogie man, and ghosts come to mind. However, the real terror for photographers don’t involve mythical creatures or the undead. Often called #photographerproblems, these issues can leave even the most seasoned professionals panicked and unable to get a good night’s rest. And, perhaps even worse, they can strike anytime and without warning.

Here are seven things that scare the heck out of photographers.

An Overcast Day

Credit: Eli Pastor

There is nothing worse than a flat sky. No clouds, no sun, nothing.

Then again, come to think of it, there’s also…

Lost Tripod Release Plates

Picture this: You’re all packed. You even spent the night before taking gear inventory, accounting for even usb cables and lens caps. All you need now is to break out the tripod at the last minute….to discover there’s no release plate.

Get ready to attempt to retrace your every move since the last time you recall seeing that release plate.

Dead or No Spare Batteries

No more shots for you today. But, you have a spare, of course. Too bad you left it at home.

Dropping Your Lenses

Credit: Thana Thaweeskulchai via Flickr

This is what a several hundred-dollar (or possibly thousands depending on the lens) accident looks like. Oh, and that cracking sound? That’s the sound of my heart breaking into pieces.

When Clients Ask for the RAW Files

Credit: Getty Images


Starting the Process of Editing a Wedding Album


Staring at a computer screen for DAYS ON END has the tendency to drive one mad…

Corrupted Memory Cards

All is lost…

At some point, we’ve all had to learn the hard way. Luckily, with a bit of planning and practice, all of these unfathomable events can be avoided. Well, maybe not ALL of them.

Have a safe Halloween!


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