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Sony Days at Samy’s Camera – DAY TWO

Day One of Sony Days at Samy’s Camera was, in a word, awesome!

When Sony and Samy’s team up, it’s a morning-til-night party (I mean, it was pretty dark by 6:30 pm) featuring incredibly talented and knowledgeable pros and, of course, Sony hardware.

With that said, how could we possibly top Friday’s festivities?

Well, it happened.

Day Two of Sony Days featured quite the seminar schedule. From opening to close, seven classes were in session throughout the day, along with One-On-One Sony Pro Support with Robert Shelley setting up shop on the third floor.

Jason Lanier Talks Tech & Photography

Long Exposure Photography with Thibault Roland

Food Photography with Marc Weisberg

Sony Eye AF Experience with Scott Robert Lim

YouTube Creative Event with Jason Lanier and Jason Vong

When it came to Sony hardware, one model continued to be brought by speakers and attendees alike: The a7R iii.

Should I upgrade? What are the differences between the Rii and Riii?

It just happens that one of our featured speakers, Jason Vong, talked about why he’s upgrading to the a7r iii on his YouTube channel. Go on and hit that play button…

If you couldn’t make it to our two-day Sony Days event, no worries. Visit our official Facebook page to watch clips from the seminars featured above.

If you still have questions regarding Sony gear, feel free to stop by your nearest Samy’s location and our Sales Pros will be happy to assist.

With Sony Days at Samy’s Camera coming to an end, we would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all Sony Pro reps, guest speakers and participants.

If you’re like us and can’t wait for the next in-store event, be the first to know about upcoming classes, events and seminars by signing up for our newsletter, liking our Facebook page, or checking out our Samy’s Photo School website for a full calendar of events.

Featured Photo Credit: Jessica Furtney

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