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Kodak Announces Super 8 Camera Revival

New Kodak Super 8 Camera

Nearly 50 years after manufacturing of the original Super 8 camera began, Kodak have announced they are launching a Super 8 camera revival.

New Super 8 Camera Film lovers will be happy to hear that the new Super 8 camera will be a film camera with the added bonus of modern digital functionality.  It will include a 3.5 -inch swivel digital viewfinder for finding the best shot. However, the actual footage will be captures on Super 8 Kodak film cartridges.

Kodak will be offering a particularly interesting processing service to go with the new camera. Once you are done filming, you will be able to send the film back to Kodak for processing. Not only will they return a digital copy but also an 8mm film that will be compatible with projectors.

A fixed 6mm Ricoh lens will feature on the front of the new Kodak Super 8 camera and the battery will be able to charge through a USB wall adapter.

New Super 8 Camera

The announcement that Kodak will be bringing out a new Super 8 Camera has been met with wide-spread applause from many filmmakers and cinematographers. Quentin Tarantino, Steve McQueen, Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams are just a few who have added their praise to Kodak’s plans to bring out an updated version of the Super 8 Camera.

With a rumored price tag around $400 to $750 and an anticipated ship-date sometime in fall 2016, the new Super 8 Camera could just land itself as the top of many camera lover’s 2016 Christmas gift wish list.

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