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Tips for taking better selfies

Taking Better Selfies

There’s no avoiding taking a selfie if you’re going to be sharing your adventures online and want to get into the frame. Everybody wants to be taking better selfies right now to make sure they are putting their best face – for real – on their social media.

In order to be taking better selfies, extend your arm as far as possible and hold the camera at an angle higher than eye level. Shooting from a higher position creates a slimming effect for both face and body. Jut the chin out slightly and shoot showcasing your best side.

There are a plenty of filters and special effects you can also add to create a fantastic shot perfect for profile photos.

To improve your selfies and group shots, consider picking up a mobile phone tripod mount like the Joby GripTight Smartphone Mount. It’s a customer favorite because it’s low-profile and affordable at $19.99.

For just $10 more, you may want to just get the Joby GripTight Micro Stand, a portable mini tripod that supports just about any smartphone.

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