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TBT: Summer Photography in Los Angeles

Splash in the sea and foam
Cash in Paree and Rome
Just a little change will make that city of the angels your home
Somewhere the hearts are fine
Come where the stars still shine
You’ll be sitting pretty in that city of those angels of mine

-Fred Astaire, City of the Angels

We don’t mean to sound biased, but Los Angeles is kind of amazing.

Especially during the summer months, the City of Angels is bustling with locals and tourists alike looking to take in the sun, beaches, fairs, outdoor movies, music festivals, and so much more that the city (and nearby getaways) has to offer.

While this may sound like recommendations from a recent local events or lifestyle blog, photographs from past decades show that some things never change. Whether in 2017 or in 1967, everyone looked forward to Summertime. And, as Back to School time is in full swing, as always, we wish the summer would last just a little bit longer.

Check out these amazing photos of Summer in Los Angeles from yesteryear.

Dancing Teens 1964. Pacific Palisades, California. Credit: Elliott Erwitt

Last Day of School – 1967 | Credit: Los Angeles Public Library

LA County Fair (1962) | Credit: Unknown

LA Summer (1960) | Credit: Unknown

L.A. Drive-In (1958) | Credit: Unknown

Venice Beach (1970) | Credit: Unknown

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