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Photographer & Samy’s Photo School Instructor Mohan Bhasker on Exhibition in Laguna Beach

Mohan Bhasker has accomplished something that most people, let alone photographers, would love to be able to do in their lifetime. Bhasker, a travel and landscape photographer, has visited all seven continents.


And, he has an incredible body of work to prove it.

Credit: Mohan Bhasker

Credit: Mohan Bhasker

Credit: Mohan Bhasker

A collection of Bhasker’s work is currently on exhibition at Forest & Ocean, a Laguna Beach fine art gallery that is, according to their official website, “devoted to varied forms of artistic expression and media.” Samy’s Photo School recently attended the exhibition’s opening reception.

As visitors arrived, they were greeted by Bhasker, who spoke about his artistic approach, the challenges behind various shots, and his passion for the medium.

According to Bhasker’s Artist Statement:

In every image, I offer a tribute to the uniqueness of the remote places I have visited, reflecting my appreciation of the beauty, history, and significance of each location. I enjoy photographing remote places in this world that very few people venture to visit. My desire to share with all Nature lovers scenes from these difficult to reach places and my love of ‘story-telling’ about them is the source of my strength required to endure the difficulties and challenges I encounter on my photo shoots.

While his travels have taken Bhasker across the globe, his passion for photography began in his father’s darkroom. “It goes back a long way. My dad gave me my first camera when I was six years old,” said Bhasker. “That’s when I started doing my photography. Later, I worked with my dad in the darkroom.”

Over the course of the evening, many guests asked Bhasker about specific shots, particularly shots of wildlife. The images are stunning; however, arriving at the final product, Bhasker revealed, was no easy feat. “Photography is a challenge of time,” said Bhasker. “I’m very persistent. For example, the image of the mother and baby penguin – I waited for about three hours for the baby to come out. There was another instance where a lion was in a bush; and, I waited for six hours.”

Bhasker’s also encountered challenges when shooting landscapes. “There was a place in Switzerland where I love the Spring flowers,” said Bhasker. “Usually, the flowers start blooming in July; but, when I arrived in July, it was not warm enough and the flowers were not yet in bloom. I had only booked for seven days, so I had to go back the next year.”

As the evening went on, Bhasker gave a presentation about his work and travels. While, highlighting some of his favorite and most memorable adventures, he also gave advice for those interested in pursuing any niche of photography.

“Ansel Adams, as we all know, he taught us a lot about black and white photography,” said Bhasker. “In his later years, he had a coworker, named Allan Ross, who still continues the legend at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite. One of the things that surprised me, was that when Ross went through Adams’ boxes of photos – he said ninety-percent of the pictures were very ordinary. In order to get that perfect picture, you need to keep shooting. My biggest advice is keep shooting.”

Bhasker encourages photography students to keep shooting through his impressive body of work and through his teachings. Samy’s Photo School is excited to join forces with Bhaser this November, where we invite students to spend the afternoon learning landscape photography in Palos Verdes. During the workshop, Bhasker will cover composition, lens choice and will address the personal needs of each participant in the field.

Bhasker also teaches the art of Black and White Darkroom Silver Gelatin Contact Printing through the Samy’s Photo School division. For more information about Bhasker’s classes or our upcoming Fall/Winter 2018 schedule, please visit

Check out more of Bhasker’s work on his website or at the Forest & Ocean Gallery

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