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#WeddingWednesday: 5 Tips for Taking Top Notch Wedding Food Photos

What the one part of the wedding festivities that everyone looks forward to?

Think about it.

Especially if you are participating in the wedding party, the fun really starts when there are two things readily available: food and beverages.

While one may not immediately think of food when wedding photography comes to mind, the cocktail hour, buffet, or three course dinner reception is worth the trouble to capture. As with any other major life event, great memories are often make over a glass of wine or a plate of assorted finger foods (not to mention the happy couple, by the time the reception rolls around, is probably starving).

Here are five tips for taking top notch wedding food photos.

Remember, food brings people together.

Credit: Dominique Bader

Don’t be shy! Even if there is a crowd around the carving station, guests add character and action to photos.

Repetition can be a good thing.

Credit: Tamara Menzi

Put the “attack of the champagne and hors devours” clones to your advantage. Utilize that wedding color palette and natural light to subtly suggest a happy and festive social gathering.

More is More. 

Credit: Laurel McConnell Photography

If there is an epic spread, document it. Don’t be afraid to move around or reposition oneself around large setups in order to get that perfect angle. This brings us to our next point…

Don’t be afraid to move and rearrange food, or ask catering staff for their assistance. 

Credit: Lauren Kinsey Fine Art Wedding Photography

It’s perfectly okay to ask not only catering staff to stop and pose with trays of delicious morsels; but, guests are usually happy to accomodate as well.

When it comes to the cake cutting, angle (and the possibility for cake hijinks) is everything.

Credit: Maria Lamb

It’s not just about a cake on display so gorgeous, it’s almost unthinkable to want to cut it. Whether one position themselves at a distance to capture epic cake drama, or position themselves upclose and personal, the cutting of the cake is ripe with unforgettable possibilities. Simply put, get ready to move if necessary, and be ready for anything.

Credit: India Earl



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